Things that make a destination vacation worthy

things to think before planning a vacation

Honestly, no one  would ever pack their bags and fly to a random destination just like that. We all like to do our homework before investing a little fortune on a trip. I mean, who wants to end up somewhere totally uncomfortable and ruin the vacation, mood and memory altogether?

There are good reasons as to why people like to travel to places like Barcelona, Switzerland, Hawaii , Paris, Istanbul or Bangkok. Sure, there’s the basic stuff, like the history, food and nightlife; but let’s look at the bigger picture here, WHY exactly are those places famous for what they are? WHAT makes these places good to travel towards? Let’s take a look.



If a place on earth is aesthetically beautiful, the appeal automatically multiplies by infinity if the people are warm and welcoming. Imagine you are new to a place and your are lost. You try asking for help but all you get is frowns and zilch amount of assistance? MAJOR LETDOWN right? Gives me shudders to even think about it. On the contrary, what if someone actually misses their train just to help you out? (Personal experience btw). Wouldn’t that just melt your heart? Wouldn’t you instantly fall in love with the place?


Oh 100% true. Like the word implies, novelties are what make a place different than the rest (DUHH!). Almost every country in the world has a certain set of special assets in store for curious travelers. People often travel JUST to check out the novelties a certain city/country is generally proud of. Well, I’d be a little suspicious if someone said this wasn’t true. It’s either for the sake of research or simply a guilty pleasure for most travelers. Anyhoo, Novelties may hold different meaning and/or degrees of importance to different people. For some people, it may mean trying almost all kinds of food the place has to offer. For others, it may mean seeing their traditional dance shows.


history to know before planning vacation
People have always gravitated toward destinations like Cairo, Athens, New Delhi and Istanbul for vacation. Ancient or recent, it’s always fascinating to find out a country’s history. If you are an avid traveler, you know you are a curious bugger. You would go to all ends of hell to find out interesting facts. Whether it’s going to museums or city tours, pamphlets or brochures, a small-talk with the cabby or befriending a local. Speaking to the locals is what i enjoy the most. Not only you get to know the real stuff, you also get to hear interesting opinions in real-time and make new friends.

Culture & Tradition

Each culture is unique in its own way. Some travelers take trips to places that are culturally rich, just to witness the distinct diversity and get lost in the momentum while it lasts. You wouldn’t miss it for the world if you got to witness the Holi Festival, Diwali, or Dashhera on your visit to India, would you? You’re googling all that right now, aren’t you?


The most fascinating thing about being in a strange city is the language. The way the natives communicate with each other is even more interesting. Every avid traveler has this crazy bubble of curiosity inside of them. Which pushes them into learning the new language. At least to the extent of being able to make the natives understand if they are not familiar with English language. And I wouldn’t lie, it’s exciting. It’s fun. The crazy bubble has already made me learn 3 additional languages; I am not a pro yet, but what the heck?

Aesthetic beauty

Sounds pretty obvious eh? But really. The architecture tells a lot about a city and its life in general. You can easily tell if a city is historical or modern, safe or unsafe, economically sound or in crisis, financially sound or not, clean or not. Just by looking at its architecture. It doesn’t take dozens of landmarks and a fancy skyline to tell you all that. And honestly, you want to travel to a place where you can absorb beauty from every inch of every corner. It’s not quite healthy to take all the trouble of traveling and end up in a dirty, broken city. With only a few old, not-handled-with-care landmarks scattered in different parts of the city. Nope. Nopedy Nope.


THE ABSOLUTE HOLY GRAIL. Food is a major (in most cases, the ONLY) excitement when you are travelling to a new place. Some people do their research on food before they land in their destination, some people go totally brave and spontaneous and try everything they possibly can. Personally, I am a little of both kinds. I like to look up traditional dishes and familiarize with their names so that I can easily order when I get there. Sometimes I try things I never imagine myself eating.


vacation night life

The nightlife of any city is the real kick. Every person is on a budget when they plan a trip so they want to enjoy as much as they can while it lasts. Secondly, the days become strangely long when you are on a holiday and you are always looking for something fun to do. Naturally, about 70% of your vacation plan stands on how the nightlife is. If the city becomes an unsafe doom’s pit after 7, it’s a major mood-killer. Moreover, you look at a city with a completely different eye at night. The peace and tranquility after the day is over, the glowing buildings standing tall, facing the sky look just ethereal. You don’t want to miss it for the world…

Law and order situation


This has nothing to do with the fun side of a vacation but it is important nonetheless. The travel and  tourism industry is strongly affected by the law and order situation of a country. I mean, no tourist in the right mind would want to get mugged, pick-pocketed, stalked or shot in the leg for that matter. If you don’t have that peace of mind during your vacation, its pointless.

There is a reason why most people pick Dubai for vacation above all other places, the security provided by the police is insane. Women can wander along the streets at 3 in the morning with absolute-fu***ing-ly nothing to worry about. If I was given a choice between Bangkok and Dubai, I’d choose Dubai, hands down. Even if it would be a gazillion times more expensive.

So where are you headed this holiday? Where ever you go, I am sure you will make the most of your trip!


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