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Have you ever liked the lip color your friend was wearing? But somehow, when you tried it on, it didn’t look the same. We have all been there.

We all have a different set of lips that look different under different makeup looks and lip colors. While it is true that all the lip colors that exist may not work out for you, the good news is that there are SOME lip colors that end up working for you, and some that work best for you; given that you wear them right.

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining that they are somehow unable to pull off bold colors like maroons, dark purples or neon pinks. According to them, it is either their complexion or their lip shape that is at fault.

I, of all people, possess thick lips and I always thought I could never wear dark colors on a normal day if I wanted to. But, Thankfully I have managed to find my way around.

  • Cover lips with foundation

For the days you wanna GLAM UP!

I’m sure you have heard almost every blogger/vlogger talk about this little trick. whilst you cover your entire face with foundation, you might as well do so to your lips. the lipstick pops out even more, looks more beautiful.

Use neutral shades



I believe that is currently the new in. I see fashion and beauty magazines and the models don’t seem to wear crisp-edged lipsticks anymore.

If you are applying a dark color, try using a neutral shaded lip liner. Your lipstick will not look too sharp on the edges. Basically, it will be like a very smooth transition from your rest of the face to your lipstick. I have tried it and it actually looks magazine-beautiful.

Inside out ombre


One personal favorite.

Ombre effect is when you use a darker shade of lipstick on the outer corners and a slightly lighter shade in the center. This creates the illusion of your lips being plump and fuller.

But some people want their lips to look a little smaller/thinner.

The inside out ombre is the exact opposite. use a lighter shade on the outside, a darker shade on the inside. this makes your lips look smaller. Also, using this trick, you can play with completely natural shades and the on-lookers would think you have no lipstick on at all!

A quick tutorial:

Use a shade that is closest to your lip color. then apply a nice pink shade to the center of your lower lip. Apply just a little bit of lip balm on top. now watch the magic happen!

Accent/Contrast color

One common lipstick habit that I have seen among women is that they mostly have one favorite lip color that they wear and carry everywhere. There is nothing wrong with that. Except that you become so used to that one shade that you start looking monotonous in every outfit or occasion.

Now What?

One simple trick to wearing a color that transforms you is looking for colors in your outfit only. But try not to go with the dominant color. Instead, try to look for an accent color. For example, whatever outfit you are wearing, look for the color that is least visible and/or hardly present yet, lifting up the look of your dress. If you are wearing a floral print, look for a color that is there in a very small amount. You use that very color on your lips. You will not regret what you see in the mirror afterwards.

Note: this does not go for weird avant-garde shades (blues, blacks, greens, neons).

Another trick is, looking for a contrast color. If your outfit is say, orange, then don’t paint your lips orange too. The final look would be really flat. Instead, wear a light brown, nude or a red. It would instantly lift the whole look.

Stick to the palette


Like all good makeup gurus would suggest, that while you are experimenting with lip colors to look glamorous, you have to find the line between the colors that belong to the palette and the one s that don’t. The process is:

1. you pick your outfit.

2. you do your eyes and rest of the makeup.

3. Lipstick.

You match your makeup to your dress and your overall look. The trick here is to pick about 3-5 colors from your outfit, base your entire makeup on it and decide on the most attractive color of the palette to be your lipstick shade.

For example, if you are wearing a combination of pink and aqua blue, then obviously you would go for a subtle eye look. but imagine what would happen if the lipstick color ends up being purple or red? I don’t know about nice, it definitely would not look right.

The right shades: Pastel pink, dark pink, magenta.

Know what time of day it is

Makeup looks and lipsticks depend hugely upon the time of the day. In a nutshell, if it is day time, you go subtle and dreamy. If it is night time, you go bold and sexy. It’s that simple.

Shiny Cupid’s bow


Keep a colorless lip balm on you. apply slightly above the outline of your upper lip. Done.

That is a wrap of the lip cheats from me. Let me know what you tried and how it worked out for you. C ya!

Bro Tip: Tired skin? Start eating oranges.

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