Makeup Blush-on Cheats You Should Try

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So it has dawned on me over time that everyone has their own preference for how they would like to apply their blush. And honestly, That is so much better than blindly following makeup gurus, not knowing what suits you best.

I have tried to combine all the blush cheats/tricks I have learned in all these years. Whether it has anything to do with travel, everyday makeup looks or looking glamorous, I have something for every category. Happy Reading!

Want an easy look to wear to work everyday??

Hydration (Drink up! 🙂 )


No. Seriously! There’s no match for flawless skin. Honestly, if you take good care, your skin would glow from within.If you stay hydrated, you would notice over time that whatever amount of makeup you put on, it sets a lot seamlessly. #trueStory

While we are on that topic, We should all have a daily skincare routine so that our skin can thank us later for looking flawless as a baby butt.

Pick up a style that is wearable every day

It’s a personal preference really. Mostly, girls opt for something that is very light-weight and natural-looking, and something that doesn’t take too long.

Bring a little color to the cheeks

Yup! our face looks pretty tired and pale in the morning. You do NOT wanna go to work/College like that now. Do you? EXACTLY. No one wants to look like/at a snake in the morning…

Throwing some color on is like… Coffee for cheeks. It makes you look ALIVE.

Go natural (or semi-natural)

Sleep-deprived, about to travel to Germany with an eye-liner-less look

Most of us are all about keeping a light hand on makeup on an everyday basis, or not wearing ANY makeup for that matter. but if you are a species that falls somewhere in the middle, then let me break it down for you.

  • A light-weight moisturizer
  • A BB cream
  • Set with powder (especially oily areas)
  • An everyday-wearable blush color
  • Grey/brown eyeliner (smudge it a wee lil bit if you will)
  • Nude/ light brown/ pink lipstick/ tinted lip balm

sounds like a no-brainer right? but looks pretty chic and decent. Try it out!

No Blush? No Problem.

Ya heard me. No problem! But what to do if there is no blush when you are already looking like Chucky Doll? Just take some lipstick on the tip of your finger and tap it on the apples of your cheeks. You will have cute-looking flushed cheeks in no time.

Wear it on your contour areas (all friendly)

This is a very face-shape friendly way of wearing blushes. If you are new to makeup and/or are not aware of your face shape and/or not sure what would look good on you, then just go ahead and wear on the contour areas. It instantly makes your face look a lot lifted, younger and fresher.

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Flushed-cheeks Maybe?

As spoken of above, throw some color on the apples of your cheeks, your face will instantly transform into something more lively and fresh.

Party Time. Is it?


Duh! a no-brainer. chisel your face and watch all the haters burn!

Wear it high

Wear it high. wear it on your cheekbones. The way you put your blush for a fancy night out is going to add to your overall look. The higher you wear your blush, the upper your makeup game will get. Focus more on the area by your ear. By the time you are done, you will see Adele standing in the mirror, no kidding!

Use a deeper color

If you are going for a more fancy, night time look then do not wear your light pinks and lavenders. Use a deep plum or brown. Adele would do it ya know!

Get the Glow on Girl!

Now your haters burnt because of all the chiselling you did with the sculpting and the blushing. Now it is time to cut the people in half. Throw some glow (strategically) on your face and let it do its magic. Happy partying!

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Bro tip: Apply your base/ bb cream on areas that you want to highlight. Set with powder. No need to put foundation on your full face and you even get to skip bronzing.

Happy Glammin’ Girls!

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