Here’s Why Hair Oil Won’t Stop Hair fall

I hear almost every girl complaining about hairfall wherever i go. but, the most common and depressing one by far is”

“I oil my hair every alternate day and still its raining hair everywhere”

Yes, that’s a thing. I, myself have been one of those who’s spent some serious money on high quality hair oils. But…

Do oils work? Did they work on me? Do they work on everyone? Who Do they work on? Who Don’t they work on?

Hair oils are NOT a myth and they definitely work. They just need to be used right.

Used right?

Yes. the frequency, the time, the kind of oil, all play a role here. and yes, over usage of hair oil is also a thing. Twice a week is ideal.

Now, the reality check. Do hair oils work on everyone?

Unfortunately, no. they don’t. If you have a dry scalp, then you obviously have to oil your hair at your convenience. But what if your scalp excretes oil on its own?

Just like putting oils to oily skin would clog pores and make things worse, oiling an ALREADY OILY scalp would lead to hair breakage. not to mention frizz. brrr.

So what to do to treat an oily scalp?

There is tons of masks that you can pick up at the drug stores and a gazillion remedies out there for you to DIY it at home. But this, by far, is the easiest, quickest and the most do-able, with ACTUAL RESULTS.

Eggs. TA DAAAA!!

1 Egg

2 Tbsp Oil (Any oil, castor oil works best)

1 Tbsp Honey

Mix all. Throw on your hair, Relax for 30- 45 mins, Wash off. Thats all. Does it get easier than this? no it does not.

Style as desired afterwards.


BRO Tip: Do not underestimate the Power of Hair styling products. They really REALLY work.

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