Foundation Types that are perfect for your Climate Zone


Raise your hands if you invest a fortune in your makeup but still somehow don’t get it right? Yup! we have all been there.. we have all read our fair share of reviews and blogs about what foundation combinations are right for the skin tone and skin type, what foundations are in, which ones to invest in etc.

I, for a change, am going to talk about what foundation to use in a certain climate zone. because let’s face it! Even our Holy Grail foundations ditch us when we carry it to a different climate zone and we end up looking like someone’s grandmother gone wrong.

when it comes to makeup, there are alot of things that play a role into making the skin look flawless.

  1. The right shade
  2. The right formula
  3. The skin type
  4. Skin texture
  5. Skin maintenance
  6. A common aspect that most people miss out is, CLIMATE

After trying on all sorts of foundations and travelling to alot of places WITH those foundations from time to time, i figured that you need a different foundation formula for different climate zones. Without getting too absorbed into dermatology, i’m simply going to list down suitable foundation formulae for each climate zone so that next time when you go foundation-shopping, you keep this little factor in mind as well.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation

Liquid foundations mostly come in Dewy and Matte finish, based on either silicone or water, and provide medium to full coverage. The consistency in general is really light and runny so basically such foundations are ideal for mild- cold climatic regions. They really stick to your skin and you don’t have to worry about it running anywhere because the skin does not release oil or sweat. Liquid foundations are considered most build-able and flawless-looking in all parts of the world and whether its Africa, or India, they are used everywhere, but they look best when they are worn in mild, not-humid kind of weather conditions.

Stick Foundation

Stick Foundation

Stick foundations are and were never meant for daily use.They are formulated for Editorials and Wedding brides, basically to give that air-brushed, photo-shopped look. If handled well, these things can last on your face like a dream. And the good news? It works just fine in all climate zones, EXCEPT that its snowing or anything below the freezing point, it just won’t blend. Because your skin becomes so cold that it stops responding to any product that you try blending in.

Ideal for: All Climate Zones

Mousse Foundation

Mousse foundation

Although obsolete, some people continue to use Mousse to this day because it just works for them. A very airy, light weight formula, meant to flawlessly blend into the skin. and just like the eatable mousse, this thing also works best when the climate is cold. It stays on for however long it claims to stay and blends in beautifully. It’s sure used all over the world but it starts running after a few hours and gives you that shiny T-zone that you loathe so much.

Mineral Foundation

Mineral powder foundation

A Powder-based formula ideally used for touch ups and setting/fixing the foundation in. It gives the face that flawless look and healthy shine without having to cake it up too much. This is another magical product that works for all skin types, tones and climate zones. This is particularly a dream-come-true for those with dry skin.

Wet Cake Foundation

Makeup Forever Wet Cake Foundation

This kind is a little different from the ones we talked about. It is meant to be applied wet on to the skin and dries up almost immediately. Wet cakes generally provide medium, build-able to full coverage and are opted by people who are pro at the blending game because cake foundations dry up fast. This formula is Ideal for regions that are humid or hot. The baby doesn’t budge for hours!! IT. DOESN’T. BUDGE.

Compact/ Pressed Powder Foundation

Cover FX Pressed powder Foundation

This one is again a powder based formula, which is meant to provide Full coverage to face in case or not your foundation was unable to do so. Basically it is supposed to give that air-brushed look to your face. Job 2 of compact powders is to prevent your makeup from creasing, oiling or running. This kind of product is widely popular in hot and humid climate zones. But anyone in the world can use it since it’s so versatile.

BB/ CC Cream used as Foundation

Erborian CC cream foundation

This product is especially designed for people who are not a fan of full-coverage foundations. I’d say I’d side with those people. I mean who wants to go porcelain every single day? But unfortunately, like the name suggests, it’s just cream. It does not last more than 2 hours, and does pretty much nothing for your face in heat and humidity; you would end up looking like a greasy mess. On the contrary, the thing works perfectly fine in mild climate and whenever the weather is fine. So, personally, I don’t exactly hate BB creams, I think for the price they charge, they offer a pretty decent deal.

So this was my verdict on the foundation types and how they work under certain weather conditions, let me know in the comments down below if you agree/disagree or if this was of any help to you. Ciao

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