Coke Studio Season 9 starts with a BANG! “Sasu Mangay” sets a benchmark.

Coke studio season 9 without a doubt, starts with a BANG, where they introduced a duo who no one thought would have the entire nation bewitched by their song

“Sasu Mangay Kukri”.

Lets begin with Naseebo Lal, whose name and voice does not need any introduction. She is one of the most talented, legendary and high-pitched singers of the nation. The sound is spell binding  as the song opens with Naseebo Lal’s energetic vocals , soon overtaken as the house-band arrives with an addictive blend of drums, tabla, dholak and percussions. Umair jaswal enters as the perfect counterbalance, armed with his signature swagger, out-doing himself as he made seamless transitions between notes. The track builds up as the powerhouse vocalists come together.

In short, this is the unexpected duo at their best, making something possible and setting quite a benchmark that CSS09 isn’t going to be like any other season; they have great stuff in store for the listeners this time.

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