Carry-on Essentials You Should Pack Every time

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Ciao people!

So after years of traveling, and packing for a gazillion times (and going a little over-weight a couple of times :P), I have realized whether or not you have anything else, there are some things that LITERALLY BELONG in our carry-on essentials’ list no matter what. What things you ask? These things.

A Pen

This is a no-brainer. We always need a pen after every two steps of peace at the airport. It seems like a petty yet obvious thing, but we all have forgotten to carry a pen on us haven’t we?

Travel Organizer

An Absolute must-have out of all the carry-on essentials. It can be a havoc dealing with all your belongings and documents at the airport. So a small organizer where you could put your passport, cards, boarding passes and some necessary cash is something we all should invest in.

A Water Bottle 

Yes. a lot of us tend to ignore this one but the truth is that most of us end up dehydrated at the end of the flight, especially if it is a long journey. I personally used to avoid drinking a lot of water during the flight to avoid going to the bathroom. But boy was I wrong. I ended up with really tired looking skin, breakouts and disturbed metabolism. So Water bottle it is. and whether or not you drink anything else on the flight, keep asking for lots of water.

Hand Sanitizing Liquid

We all have been all over the place before we finally take our seats on the flight. Pulling luggage pieces, scanning machines, counters, restrooms. By the time we reach our seats, washing our hands may be the last thing that crossed our mind. We end up touching our faces, or our kids without thinking. Who knows where your hands have been when you have been served the in- flight meal? So, a hand sanitizing liquid is just as necessary. You don’t even have to bother to go to the Lavatory to wash your hands. 🙂

A Mini Towel 

A Cabin baggage staple i call it. You might want to wash your face during that long-ass flight. Don’t leave home without it.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Recurring in-flight announcements, crying children, un-called for coughing or sneezing could ruin your already- somewhat- uncomfortable- yet-necessary- flight- sleep. So if you have a long flight, get some noise-cancelling headphones and sleep all the way through your flight because who cares?


Because tired and puffy eyes after the flight.

Because Selfies.

Because shenanigans.

Because Vacation.

Because You are Bruno Mars and You like to wear sunglasses even at night.

Justified? okay.


Want to smell fresh? Want to make heads turn? Want those haters to die ? What, you can’t have haters in the sky? Well, you never know. Ahem, coming back to the point, Keep a decent fragrance with you. If you smell fresh, you feel fresh generally.

Face Wash

One of the most important ones out of all carry-on essentials.

Forget your husband at home if you will, But never, NEVER forget your face wash at home. YOU. WILL. BE. VERY. SORRY.

Dental Care

The in-flight meals leave a bad taste and odor in your mouth so it is better to keep your Tooth brush and tooth paste along.

Lip Balm

2686945.JPG (640×534)

Pretty underrated. But even more handy. Lip balms have overtime become one of my absolute carry-on essentials. I regret the times I didn’t have them on me. Those are some Lip-Balm-less flights I will never get back.


Too lazy to go freshen up? Fine enough. Keep a pack of FreshMints or SpearMint gum with you. It pretty much does the job.


There are times when you have a slight headache or even nausea when you fly. So, it is always a good idea to keep some basic medicine in your carry-on while you fly. Here’s what you should be prepared for:
Stomach ache
Nose Bleed

The rest of the medicine can go to the check-in luggage of course!


Kick off those shoes and put socks on while you enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

Sweater/ Jacket

Flights gradually get colder than you can take it. Besides, the destination may be colder than you had expected. Have a sweater on you? GURREAT.

A Powerbank (the new must-have)

  If you have a long journey ahead, your mobile battery is bound to die eventually. So, if you have alot of music to listen to, or alot of pictures to take, Keep a powerbank.

A Book (if you please)

  Not an E-Book. Book. Real Book. Because let’s admit it, the in-flight entertainment doesn’t seem so “entertaining” after a certain amount of time. It gets tiring and boring (and a little part of you wants to cry because the flight seems to go very slow). And while sitting on that teeny seat, you are looking for things to do. So, it’s nice to have options don’t you think?

My mother thinks her gold bangles can go in the carry-on baggage, but Books are a lot of space and weight *face-palm*.

Neck pillow

Another thing that has made it to the list of carry-on essentials. I cannot understand what we did when they did not exist.

Blind Fold

Blind folds are great life-savers when you want to get some sleep on the flight. Day- time flights become nap-time if you have a blindfold.


It can be anything! A Pack of Hard Pretzels, a protein bar, an apple etc. My personal favorite is home-made protein bars. Nutritious and compact!

That is pretty much my carry-on essentials checklist. Did i miss anything out? Or do you guys pack the same way? Lemme know ! And I’m going to talk about carry-on makeup in my next post. Take care y’all.

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