Beauty Must-Haves for traveling in winter

Raise your hands if y’all pack a ton of makeup in your luggage. i know i did till i found my way around effecient use of makeup and packing like a pro.

Packing makeup involves a lot of being careful with it, not to mention the time we spend on throwing everything on our face before going out. I mean, we could use that time to sightsee and unwind you know!

Another problem with traveling with makeup is skincare. we all know our skin suffers a great deal due to the leap of destinations we take, So to minimize the damage and ensure that the skincare isnt compromised to a level that is scary, i travel with these must-haves and i think it will do you good id you do too.

A rich-formula hand cream

I keep a rich hand cream and rub some on everytime i get a chance. all the luggage draggind and pulling, all the trolley steering and touching all kinds of surfaces make our hands like crumpled paper. Hands creams are not equivalent to a moisturizing hand massage, but it definitely saves us from weird looking, sad hands.


Flights suck away all the moisture like some weird vacuum. the hands and face become a dry patch of sadness and we all hate every bit of it. our skin looks tired out even before we get to the destination.

We don’t leave out carrier oils when were home, why ditch it on travel? oils dont react to our skin with changing limate and their performance is all-round wherever and whenever. Gold serums, almond oil, coconut oil, whatever works, should be a staple in your travel makeup bag.

Tinted Lip Balm

Because its better than lipsticks and lipglosses.  provides more moisture and love to the lips.

BB/CC cream

because you love your skin, you dont want to look like an old hag ut you also dont want your makeup to smear up and look like you sat on the wing of the plane and not inside on the seat.


Yeah, the lashes dont need to look sad.


Because if we’re putting nothing on and ONLY putting eyeliner on, it does the job. IT. DOES. THE. JOB.


No matter what climate zone, no matter what skin type. moisturizer saves your skin alot of hard work.

Dry shampoo

Because we dont want to sing in the shower of an exotic destination. we want our hair to smell good and see the exotic destination.

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